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10/27/2007 5:01:57 PM
slimy , browning tips on cuttings

Hi ,

I was wondering about what to do / change when cuttings dont root , or if they do root a bit and then dont continue growing into larger plants..?
The changes im seeing started about 2 months ago , when all the ends of my cuttings became slimy and brown and died.
I tested the Ph in my cutting tank , and realized it was 8.2 , which I know is too water from my well had changed , used to be no more than 7.1 or so..the weather has changed too where i live, its now very dry outside .. hasnt rained properly for months , and im dependant on the air supply from outside for my plants.
Could this complet change in humidity cause this stagnation of rooting and growth ..?
I have fixed the Ph , even if it goes up a bit in my aeroponics cutting tanks , after a few days.. is a ph around 7.4 too high for the cuttings to root?
If it has to do with humidity .. what to do ..?
Tried a humidifier , but it doesnt help a lot.
Very grateful for any ideas or help.
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