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Tracey L Montgomery
2/21/2009 3:34:31 PM
Hydro Tomato Advice Please!

I started my first hydro Tomato in a DWC Kit I obtained from Stealth Hydro. I planted the seed in a rcokwool cube. It gerninated in 5 days on a heat mat. It has been in the DWC bucket since December 13, 2008. I have RO Water, and change water weekly. I also use Cal-Mag, Dutch Zone, and the micro micro-nutrients and regular nutrients. I'm using two lights - One CFL 105 Grow watt, One CFL 105 Watt Bloom about 4-5 inches from plant. My issue is I beleive I have had several sets of what look like blossom clusters start to form, and then the simply turn yellow and fall off before they even become a true blossom. The plants are only two months old. Is it too early to expect results? What do you think I'm doing wrong? Thank You All.
5/6/2010 1:19:56 PM
Re: Hydro Tomato Advice Please!

when growing tomatoes indoor you must use somthing to pollinate the flowers. What works well is an electric toothbrush on low on the base of the flower. This simulates a bees wings and kicks the pollen out of the flower thus pollinating the plant. HWen you have done this correctly, the flowers will turn upward and cover the spindle of the flower and begin producing the tomato. You must do this to all the flowers on the plant.
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