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2/25/2003 4:14:00 AM

Is a 600wat hps or MH, just as effective as a 1000wat?
What I mean is if I can keep a 1000wat as cool as a lower wat light, will my result be the same.
I understand that distance and plant density is a big factor, but if it wasn't would a 1000wat out perform a lower wattage light?
How much light does a plant need and the rest is just a waste?
The Green Thumbs
2/25/2003 11:45:00 AM
Re: lighting

The biggest thing you need to look for when determining the most "effective" light is the lumen output. A 1000w HPS light will emit around 140,000 lumens, where a 600w HPS will emit around 90,000. Here's where lumen output matters: Each plant leaf can absorb something like 5,000 lumens continuously. After the 5,000 mark is reached, the excess light will pass through to the lower leafs. Now, if you do your math, the comes out to 28 leaves receiving max lumen output. Don't jump the gun here, because these numbers are "perfect world" numbers. My point here is that more is better when it comes to lumen output for your plants. You will definitely see a difference when using a 1000w light, just because of the fact that more light is being produced. If you have restrictions as to what light system you can use (heat output, space, etc), then you would want to have the highest you can go to get the most light output. If you have any more questions as to what light produces what, check out our catalog that you can download. On the left menu click on "Request Catalog", and download our full catalog. On page 12, you will see a complete light chart that covers lumen output, and area coverage.
2/10/2004 8:23:00 PM
Re: lighting

Could u please let me know, Do you realley need to change the grow lights over when you start to flower the crope?. Please keep in mind that i am only on a penision and my resorces aer totly streached so the least amount off cash as possibale. haveing sead that i will pay for the right equpmint that we need. thanking you
2/11/2004 10:58:00 AM
Re: lighting

First I would need to know what kind of lights you have now.
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