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3/27/2003 12:40:00 AM
NFT slope

Hi there...

I was wondering what slope is best for a sqaure channel NFT system...

I read somewhere that no less that 80:1 is correct. Iam curently running it at ~40:1.

I think it may be running a little fast but its hard to tell as I just started growing.

It's outside, the weather in Korea is warm now and most greenhouses here are selling seedlings.

Iam growing a variety of different plants, 1 cucumber, 1 melon, 3 tomatoes, 26 snow peas, 3 chile peppers, some kale, some spinache, some watercress and a strawberry.

Its a long system divided in two along the railing of my balcony. One section is about 6.5 meters and the other, 4 meters. There are 24 baskets in total.

3/27/2003 9:14:00 AM
Re: NFT slope

I have always heard between 50:1 and 75:1 is optimal, but over 100:1 is not suitable at all.

Given the length of your sections, I would say that you should stay around the 40:1 - 50:1 range, and you should be fine.

If you are interested, you should look into the "bible" of NFT called "ABC's of NFT", by Dr. Alan Cooper.
9/6/2004 3:51:00 AM
Re: NFT slope

Do you know some hydroponic suppliers in Korea, maybe in Busan? Or Korean websites for hydro?
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