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8/24/2002 7:27:00 AM
Growing with coconut fiber

I have been growing with coconut fiber by itself and using Technaflora's BC Grow and Boost. I had difficulty because, at first, it retained all the nutrients. I used as high as a 2800 ppm solution to prevent deficiencies until it got saturated, then I gradually reduced it to around 600 ppm, which is what I used from then on.
Is there a way to pre-treat the coco fiber to bring it up to a level where I can start using the normal strength of nutrient solution? If I mix it with Grorox, how many times a day will I have to water it and what strength solution will I need to use from the start of using that combination ( or can I pre-treat it, too)? Should I just switch to a commercial soilless mix if I do not want to set up a pump and water several times per day?
The Green Thumbs
8/28/2002 2:02:00 PM
Re: Growing with coconut fiber

You should try this mixture: 50% Grorox, 50% Coconut fiber. Stand alone coconut fiber retains way too much (as you have found out) to use it by itself. If you mix in the Grorox, it will aerate the medium enough to where to you don't have to worry about nutrient retention. Give that a shot, and if you have any more problems, let us know.
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