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3/18/2004 8:37:00 PM
pvc down spout to build a nft system

i am new to hydroponics and would like to make my own system:

i found pvc rain gutter down spout's that are 10' long that i would like to try to make a nft system useing 2" net pots.
what's your opinion on this?
6/3/2005 5:57:27 PM
Re: pvc down spout to build a nft system

The system works!!!
I am currently in a business partnership growing (at the moment) about 8,000 Hydroponic lettuces. we had a few teathing problems regarding the water flow tending to go to one side of the 100*50mm downpipe but resolved that with paper towel or something similar below each plant. Having said this you shouldnt have any worries with a small system like you mentioned!!
Have fun - it can be really rewarding
Green Thumb
6/4/2005 2:25:52 PM
Re: pvc down spout to build a nft system

thanks owen, sounds good. have fun!
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