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9/14/2004 6:56:00 AM
hydro strawberry theory?

Hi... I am doing some research into growing hydroponic strawberries, but am finding information difficult to come by.
My calculations are based on a number of assumpions, and i would appreciate it if anyone could comment and perhaps correct my assumpions, Please note: this assumption is based on the fruiting period of the strawberry only.

Here is my assumption........

That in 6 weeks of fruiting, one strawberry plant (in an nft channel at a constant temperature of 18'C under 18 hr supplemental lighting photoperoid in a greenhouse) will produce one punnet of strawberries.

Please comment... thanks :)
9/18/2004 9:48:00 AM
Re: hydro strawberry theory?

Your assumption suonds good.I'm no expert but I can tell you from expierience that here in the store we grew strawberries from seed and in approximately twelve weeks we had groups of strawberries. Unfortunately, they ended up with spider mites and had to be thrown out, otherwise we would still have the m now.Strawberries are very spider mite prone so you should use every precaution to prevent ever getting them as a serious infestation can wipe out you crop.
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