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11/11/2002 4:13:00 PM
Tips of plant are blackening/

I just replaced my ebb and flow nutrient resevoir with new solution and reduced the calcium nitrate levels to accomadate our super hard water. Its a 10 gallon resevoir so I'd rather use tap wate than spend 10 dollars on distilled everytime. Anyways, I know that calcium deficiencies are shown by browning of leaf tips. Only my newly growing leaf tips are the ones getting nailed, makes sense to me since they are the ones that need the nutrients. I run about 1400 ppm, they are strawberries, the PH is 5.8 and I flood 5 times a day at 15 min. cycles which seems to be perfect. I use artificial light (2-42w compact floros-work great) on 4 strawbery plants.

My question: what exactly is one supposed to do with hardwater conditions? Did I goof?

Also, another observation of mine: in my bubbler, (a small semi-aeroponic setup of mine) there seems to be tons of percipitate forming! Could it be the high oxygem levels causing regents to percipitate?

great site!
The Green Thumbs
11/11/2002 9:26:00 PM
Re: Tips of plant are blackening/

Tip burn is also a sign of over fertilization (not saying that this is your problem, just stating). What fertilizer are you using, and to what ratio?<br><br> Hard water isn't neccessarily a bad thing... most plants love calcium. The only way you should be worried about your calcium is if you see a white film on your plant stems, or on your system itself (excess calcium buildup). This might be what's happening with your bubbler. What color is the precipitate?
11/13/2002 12:47:00 AM
Re: Tips of plant are blackening/

Thanks, that could well be what is percipitating...although the burned tips are still a myth...I replaced the nutrient solution to see if it happens again...trial and error sometimes...

thanks TGT's!
masoud k.m
8/13/2003 1:09:00 PM
Re: Tips of plant are blackening/

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