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4/3/2005 4:36:03 PM
Dr. Thomas

what amount of nutrients, of "grow", do you use per gallon?
i also want to know about cheap areoponic nozels
4/6/2005 5:11:54 PM
Re: Dr. Thomas

1/2 oz. per gallon for small plants 3/4 for full strength grow . 1/4 oz for seedlings or new cuttings.
10/29/2005 11:39:16 PM
Re: Dr. Thomas

You need nozzels,it depends on what type of system your using.Is it store bought or are you building your own? Do you have a seperate res for your system or does your pump sit right in your root chamber? and finaly are you using a submercible pump or a remote feed pump?and what size is your pump(GPH)should be min.of 500GPH I use a 2000GPH for my aero system.I have 12 nozzels that are rated 1GPH flow rate,Most people end up using,as I did nozzles that you would find in an areo-cloning set up.You won't get a true aerosol mist, which is best.But you need such high PSI to use nozzles that will produce a fine mist like that its not easy to set up and very expensive.I bought the kind of nozzles they use in produce section in supermarkets to mist produce,thought it would be great....WRONG,they needed to operate at 75psi min,thats like city water supply pressure!So anyway try the nozzles from an areo-cloner.I'm sure GTG carries them,keep in touch I may be getting rid of my system and going to DWC system.
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