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Slim Shady
5/9/2005 5:48:59 PM
250 --> 400 HPS

Hey all. THinking of upgrading to a 400W HPS setup fron a 250W setup now. I have a relatively small space to work in as is (~3' high and 3'X 3'). I currently start my flowering plants prtetty short so they finish right below my light's glass sheild. Question is this: If I upgrade to 400W hps will the additional lumens make it even more difficult to keep my plants short? How about additional heat from the bulb? I'd get a rig that has a seperate ballast so that heat would be away from the garden. I currently do not have to vent my 250W setup at all, just have a regular room fan in there to make a bit of a breeze, temp is always between 70 - 85 degrees. I want to increase the amount of food we harvest but not at the expense of having to add blower fans, and even more work keeping my little veggies short enough.
Any help/past experience would be greatly appreciated.
Green Thumb
5/11/2005 4:37:22 PM
Re: 250 --> 400 HPS

Switching to a 400 will definitely increase heat and growth of your plants. It would also increase volume and speed of your plants.In That size area I wouldn't feel comfortable about telling you to upgade without using some kind of ventilation.
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