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10/9/2005 9:37:40 AM
Aeroponics - Ultrasonic foggers

I am researching aeroponics for a new semi-commercial venture I'm going into. It's my first time in such a venture and I have done my fair share of research. But unfortunately the topic of aeroponics is not covered very extensively online. My question is two fold:

a) Where is the best site or book reference about commercial aeroponics and the latest technologies. I need a non-biased view, as opposed to articles listed by various manufaturers of aeroponics equipment.

b) I've been reading a lot about ultrasonic foggers and find that there is some contradictory advice given online about them. One site suggested that the following:

"The ideal droplet size range for most plant species is 20 - 100 microns. Within this range the smaller droplets saturate the air, maintaining humidity levels within the growth chamber, the larger droplets 30 - 100 microns make the most contact with the roots, while any droplets over 100 microns tend to fall out of the air before containing any roots."

The contradiction is that the ultrasonic foggers tend to create an extremely fine fog of 5 microns and less!! (they call it dry fog). That would suggest little contact with roots. But experiments in aeroponics using this latest technology of foggers suggests that the results are superior to the various misters used in traditional aeroponics.

Can anyone help clarify this please?
11/28/2005 12:39:40 AM
Re: Aeroponics - Ultrasonic foggers

checkout the nutramist site,all you need to find is there.The dry fog is the best,true ultra sonic,watch out for hot disk foggers they use a hot plate to steam the water into mist NOT GOOD and a mess of fert salts to clean off plate.Any more ?'s get in touch ,I use a nutramist system.
11/28/2005 9:45:53 AM
Re: Aeroponics - Ultrasonic foggers

I have an aero set-up (self designed and built) that sprays a very macro stream on suspended plant roots. I put a lot of dissolved oxygen in nutrient.

It grows chiles at the same rate as a cold fogging system I have and my set-up requires a lot less hardware.

Water on plant roots is water on plant roots.....I don't think the plant root cares the size of the droplet.
Dennis Hahn
1/27/2007 1:25:49 AM
Re: Aeroponics - Ultrasonic foggers

SAM: I just wondered if you got a confirmation about using the ultrasonic fogger for Aeroponics?
2/7/2009 4:07:49 AM
Re: Aeroponics - Ultrasonic foggers

I recently purchased a fogger to supplement my pump driven mister setup which is similar to an ez-cloner. I noticed when it operates the fog fills the chambers but more importantly (I think) droplets of water spray about 4 inches high and maybe 6 inches wide. I thought maybe this 4 x 6 area would root cuttings. I put in an air stone along with six cuttings. After 8 days 4 have roots, 3+ inch water and feeder roots. My ez-cloner has no rooted cuttings and its right next to the Ultrasonic cloner. Honestly I forgot about them or they would've been transplanted by now.

A few details- the water PH is 6.3, only added Superthriive & 1 ounce of Maxicrop per gallon, the foggers base has a red LED that I covered with a Sharpy, light was a T5 with a mix of cool and warm bulbs.

I am pleasantly surprised at the speed, power savings and efficiency of Ultrasonic foggers at least for cloning. They'd probably be great for a combo Aeroponic/Deep Water Culture setup. Hope this helps
2/13/2009 2:06:04 PM
Re: Aeroponics - Ultrasonic foggers

Those who have used ultrasonic foggers for cloning - Most manufacturers of the ultrasonic foggers suggest limiting use to 8 hours a day. Do you run them 24 hours a day? or do you run multiples at 8 hour intervals?
3/13/2009 1:44:21 PM
Re: Aeroponics - Ultrasonic foggers

I would like to comment on your post.
The size of water droplet is very important as is defines the quantity and diameters of "hairs"
a plant root grows. The finer the roots, the more oxy they absorb. An example of this can be found in "HOW TO HYDROPONICS" book or other online sources Im sure. I use straight aero as it is the perfect balance of maintenance and performance for my needs. RULE OF THUMB:The finer the water particle, the less nutrient you need and the more delicate your roots are, as they don't have to be "soil penetrating" course to seek out the needed elements. hope this helps
understand the point of the fogger in some way.
Yes they are better for the plant, the plant does however become more delicate, the thinner roots are more prone to suffer dry rot from a power outage or hardware failure. what was mentioned above is true about ultrasonic -vs- heated..
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