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10/29/2005 11:50:16 PM

Hi,just wanted to see if anyone was trying this,I was going to buy an ultrasonic fogger, and was so excited about this new way to grow aeroponicly.All the info looked promising,and then as usual something negitive was repoted about this type of system,operation is as easy as can be,but I guess keeping the PH stable in this system is almost impossable,something about when the nute solution being atomized that fine,when it returns to resovior the PH is way off.Anyone with info please get back.
11/28/2005 12:15:50 AM
Re: Ultrasonic-Aeroponics

This is an easy fix,I have been using ultasonic fogger(nutramist)in a converted areo-spring,just a big rubbermaid tote.I run all my mist run off to a waste bucket dont bother recycling it,my system uses about a gallon of nute-solution a day,has to be on timer or you will use much more.any more ? please let me know.
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