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6/27/2006 1:41:58 AM
No luck with Aeroponics!

I got excited about Hydroponics when I read an article on it that a friend passed on to me. I built an Aeroponics system based on a design that I found on a web site. It works, that is the water and fertilizer are sprayed on the plastic net containers containing the grorocks and plants. The problem is with slow growth! I thought and looked forward to rapid growth. That is what I came to believe would happen from what I read up on Hydroponics/Aeroponics. I planted several different vegatable to include pepper, tomatoes, basil and some other herbs. All of the herbs other than the basil either didn't germinate or died off right after they emerged. The Basil lasted 3 weeks and then died yesterday. The tomatoes are about 3 inches tall, spindly with only about 4 to five leaves each. The peppers are only two inches tall with four leaves each. It's been almost a month since I planted them. I started them from seed in the aeroponics unit I built and did not start them somewhere else and transplant.
I bought a TDS/EC? meter to keep track of the growth solution. The solution reads about 1000 ppm at 75 degrees farenheit. The PH is 6.5. I am using a single part commercial hydro plant food that I bought from a store on the internet. It is called DynaGro 7-9-5.
If anyone can give me some help, I am a novice at this and have read as much as I can on the subject. I am really interested in Hydropnics and want to be successfull at it. Any help would be greatly appreciated!
6/28/2006 6:47:17 AM
Re: No luck with Aeroponics!

What kind of light source are you using? Sunlight or artificial?
6/28/2006 9:08:29 AM
Re: No luck with Aeroponics!

I have my setup out on my balcony. It doesn't get much direct sunlight but its pretty bright there during the day. Do you think that I need grow lights?
6/28/2006 9:00:13 PM
Re: No luck with Aeroponics!

If your plants aren't growing as fast as you think they should be, then they probably need more light. Otherwise, they should be fine.

Remember, it's mainly the full spectrum light that promotes growth in plants (photosynthesis), not only fertilizer.
Mary Palmer
10/31/2006 10:12:02 PM

i was wondering if I can use just packet seeds one can buy at the store and alittle soil with my own fertalizer in the growing machine. Like garden salad and tomatoes? I am not to interested in the pkgd seeds and so forth with the mix that comes with it. Thank you Mary
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