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11/30/2002 12:12:00 AM
hydroponic wheatgrass!!

What is the best way to grow wheatgrass hydroponically??
The Green Thumbs
11/30/2002 10:07:00 AM
Re: hydroponic wheatgrass!!

I really can't tell you the "best" way to grow wheatgrass, as it's mostly personal preference. I can tell you that I've heard of a lot of people use a propagation tray, with a Rockwool, or Oasis medium. Another system people have used is a simple air pump system such as an Emily's Garden. If you have any other questions, please feel free to ask.
june colaudolu
2/4/2005 3:20:00 PM
Re: hydroponic wheatgrass!!

hi I have a small organic wheatgrass business on the Central Coast NSW
( Mannering Park) I'm growing wheatgrass in a flood and drain method using plastic trays no medium is necessary. While I'm having great sucess I'm finding it hard to pick up clear plastic trays (350x250)any idea as to were I can purchase them
3/4/2006 5:46:17 PM
Re: hydroponic wheatgrass!!

Hi I read ur article on hydroponic wheatgrass. I am starting a wheat grass compnay and wanted to know how to grow hydroponic wheatgrasss. Can u please help me out with this information

Thanks ,
Edwin Toy
6/15/2006 5:53:40 AM
Re: hydroponic wheatgrass!!

Dont use natures gifts for PROFIT!!
Re Random
7/10/2006 3:50:28 PM
Re: hydroponic wheatgrass!!

What planet are you from the world makes money selling fruits and vegetables, I can never understand liberal thinking it make no sense. I wish I could find someone that would sell me a tray of good organic wheatgrass!!! start those businesses sellsellsell wheatgrass make people healthy MANY BLESSINGS TO YOU
6/17/2007 10:00:36 PM
Re: hydroponic wheatgrass!!

Nature doesn't make it grow. God gives it to us freely so we pass the info on to each other to teach how to grow things we need or want.
David Raines
12/15/2007 1:48:58 AM
Re: hydroponic wheatgrass!!

Have cancer second time -
Looking for information on hydroponics - in regards to growing wheatgrass and other sprouts.
Need to make my own system as I have no money - to buy one - and I need to know what and how to feed the sprouts as they grow.
I am of the understanding at this point that I can get same quality "nutrient wise" grass without soil - this is my aim.
If you would be so kind as to give me any information - I am grateful - ...
5/19/2008 9:59:36 AM
Re: hydroponic wheatgrass!!

Go to oceangrowncanada and download how to grow your own wheatgrass in lower left of home page..
another good site is
Good luck to you.
3/16/2011 10:49:03 AM
Re: hydroponic wheatgrass!!

hello june colaudolu do you have pictures of your flood and drain system am new to this and i need ideas thanks !!!
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