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H2Oasis Watering Crystals (Polyacrylamide polymer),  1lb
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H2Oasis Watering Crystals (Polyacrylamide polymer), 1lb

Price: $9.99
Item #: h2oasis 1-lb
Shipping Weight: 2 lbs
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Item Description:
Polyacrylamide crystals hold water in a jellylike form so that it's available to roots after the soil has dried. To use, mix a prescribed amount of crystals with water, then stir the resulting gel into potting soil. After two hours, each crystal will have swollen to the size of a pea and become a small reservoir of water that's available until the plant needs it. When you water again, the crystals reabsorb water. Using polyacrylamide crystals can cut your watering frequency in half. Use them in container plants without repotting by poking six to eight holes in the soil with a chopstick or pencil and dropping hydrated crystals into the holes. The crystals last in the soil for several years before breaking down.

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