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Rockwool, 8" x 3" x 36" Slab
Rockwool, 8" x 3" x 36" Slab
Rockwool, 8" x 3" x 36" Slab
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Rockwool, 8" x 3" x 36" Slab
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Rockwool, 8" x 3" x 36" Slab

Price: $11.99
Item #: NGW713010 / 8" Slab
Shipping Weight: 20 lbs
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Item Description:
Growing Slabs Slab 36"x8"x3"
Grodan® growing slabs are available wrapped in UV resistant polyethylene sleeves for ease of use. In Expert vegetable slabs the special structure provides a uniform environment allowing plant roots to rapidly explore all the available growing volume for a quick start. Water and nutrient distribution is also more uniform and provides a larger effective rooting volume than previously possible.

Grodan Expert vegetable slabs come in two sizes. The 6-inch wide slab is suitable for crops such as tomato, pepper and eggplant. The 8-inch wide slab is used for more water hungry crops such as cucumbers. Both sizes feature vertical fibers for fast draining of excess water. Available by the individual slab or by the case of 12 slabs

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