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GreenCure 8oz
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GreenCure 8oz

Price: $16.99
Item #: NGW704315
Shipping Weight: 4 lbs
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Item Description:
GreenCure® is a potassium bicarbonate-based, broad spectrum foliar fungicide that cures and prevents Powdery Mildew, Black Spot, Downy Mildew, Botrytis Blight, Gray Mold, Anthracnose, Rust and other mold, mildew and garden fungi related plant diseases. GreenCure® is EPA registered for use on over 85 different annual and perennial flowers, woody and ornamental shade trees, roses, herbaceous ornamentals, many herbs, vegetables, and fruit and nut trees. Registered “For Organic Production”. We reserve the right to hold over all orders involving liquids placed in weather tempters below (Zero degrees Fahrenheit). Please call for more information (800) 564-9376. It is highly effective against powdery mildew and other fungal diseases of plants. Proven effective in over 200 university tests and successfully used in agricultural and commercial growing applications for nine years. GreenCure® is Easy to Use. Mix with water and spray it on your plants – the surfactants are built in. 8oz. container makes approximately 16 gallons of formula.Includes an accurate measuring scoop and complete instructions. GreenCure® is NOP approved and EPA registered “For Organic Production”.

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