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CO2 Boost Bucket Full Kit
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CO2 Boost Bucket Full Kit

Price: $135.99
Shipping Weight: 6 lbs
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Item Description:
CO2 Injection Kit (Adds up to 50% to NORMAL yields!)
CO2 BOOST generates large amounts of Co2 from a combination of all-natural ingredients contained within the bucket.Visit and click on what's co2 boost. To see how it is made.
Simply plug in your Co2Boost pump and the Co2 from the bucket is delivered directly to your plants.
Increase yields anywhere from 50-100 percent
Provide shorter growing periods
Improve floral quality and health.
Allows plants to be grown better in higher temperatures (93-99F)
Provides you with an all-natural, affordable alternative of Co2 production
Lasts form 60 to 90 days,in an 8x8x8 room before needing a refill

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