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Advantage Grow 2.5 Gallon

Price: $110.99
Item #: CPAG-320
Shipping Weight: 30 lbs
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Item Description:


ADVANTAGE GROW TM is used for leafy veggies, to prolong vegetative cycle, to
keep cutting (stock plants) productive, with lush green vegetation without
pushing for reproduction and early maturity. Fertilizer stays in solution with no
salt residue to settle out and accumulate in the bottom of the nutrient tank,
or to clog irrigation emitters. Our lettuce trials have let us harvest up to 4
weeks after maturity, over and over, with out any bitterness and minimal if
any bolting. Harvesting even those plants, for cutting mixes with no
bitterness. Use for seedlings and fresh cuttings, for strong vegetative growth.
Provides a level of sulfur and magnesium lacking in many fertilizers. Sulfur
plays a metabolic role in photosynthesis, and carbon dioxide fixation. Sulfur
and magnesium are components of chlorophyll production. Magnesium influences
the size of roots. Water-soluble plant extracts provide auxiliary salt free
metabolites for assisting nitrogen assimilation, root development, and
respiration. Wetting and solubilizing agents minimize salt build up in growing
media while enhancing wetting and aeration of the soil and soil less growing
media. ADVANTAGE GROW TM formula is utilized for overall plant growth, occasional foliage
spray, and for seed germination. Plant extracts make for effective seed

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