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Cornucopia Plus Feeding Schedule All Measurements Are Per Gallon & To Be Fed Once A Week. Plant Energy Should Be Used Every Time You Are Adding Anything.

Advantage Grow 3-tsp. / Per Gallon Feed Advantage Grow once per week until you reach the size and shape desired ( Lighting should be 18 hour's on and 6 hour's off ) Necessary Plant Energy 3-tsp. / Per Gallon

Formula-X 3-tsp. / Per Gallon Two weeks before your bloom cycle, change out your Advantage Grow For Formula X And run that for the next four weeks. Necessary Plant Energy 3-tsp. / Per Gallon ( To start your bloom cycle, lights should be 12 hour's on & 12 Hour's off. )

Advantage Bloom 3-tsp. /Per Gallon Change out Formula X for Advantage Bloom and use until you have reached your desired flower development Necessary Plant Energy 3-tsp. /Per Gallon

Formula-X 3-tsp. / Per Gallon Change out Advantage Bloom For Formula X and use up to two weeks before harvest to help increase terpene production & yield Necessary Plant Energy 3-tsp. / Per Gallon

Last two weeks before harvesting, flush out your plants with Necessary Plant Energy 3-tsp per gallon of water to help your plants utilizes all foods still available.

Some grower's like to flush with water only the last week. Play and have fun! 

Green Thumb Gardening & Hydroponics Inc. ( Home Of Cornucopia Plus ) 394 Vt RT 15 Jericho, Vermont 05465 / Phone (802)-899-4323 /

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