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Fossil Fuel,  32oz
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Fossil Fuel, 32oz

Price: $20.99
Item #: fossil fuel qt
Shipping Weight: 3 lbs
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Item Description:
We reserve the right to hold over all orders involving liquids placed in weather temperatures below (Zero degrees Fahrenheit). Please call for more information (800) 564-9376.
Europonic FossilFuel employs high-quality humic acids derived from Leonardite. This formula helps plants resist environmental stresses, improves the plants ability to absorb nutrients and water, and stimulates plant growth through increased cell division.

Europonic FossilFuel consists of the highest quality humic acids, providing great biological, chemical, and growing medium benefits. The humic acids in FossilFuel are derived from Leonardite, organic matter that is the result of a 70 million year humification process. Leonardite is the best source for Humic and Fulvic acid because its biological activity is much greater than other sources of humic acids.

Biologically, humic acids:
- Increase production of plant enzymes
- Act as an organic catalyst in biological processes
- Stimulate production micro-organisms
- Enhance natural resistance against plant diseases and pests
- Aid in uptake of nutrients through improved permeability of plant cells
- Provide building blocks for sugars, amino acids, and chlorophyll
- Stimulate plant growth by increasing cell division
- Improve yield by decreasing plant stress

Chemically, humic acids:
- Help retain water soluble nutrients in the root zone
- Optimize the uptake of nutrients and water
- Reduce the reaction of phosphorous with Ca, Fe, Mg
- Are rich in both organic and mineral elements essential to plant growth
- Have high ion exchange capacity

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