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Noah Matteson
4/26/2003 11:11:00 PM
Growing Hydroponic Tomatoes.

I may only be 15, but I have started to grow hydroponic tomatoes. It is easy and more fun to do since there is no dirt involved. There are only a few things you need to grow these tomatoes. An airstone, plastic tub, three U.V. lights, water, and liquid nutrients. They provide protein, and vitamins.
4/27/2003 3:24:00 PM
Re: Growing Hydroponic Tomatoes.

UV lights are the wrong type of lights to use. The best are HID lights like the ones you see at night on the street, or in a warehouse. Regular flourescent tubes work as well as CFL lights.

The nutrients are elemental, not proteins and vitamins, but they are used to make proteins and vitamins for the plants. I'm amazed to see someone so young doing something like this and being sucessful?

Give us some more info!! By the way, you wouldn't happen to know when my tomatoes will produce pollen? I grow them in an enclosed space indoors.

Stephanie Patton
2/17/2004 7:59:00 PM
Re: Growing Hydroponic Tomatoes.

Ilike your website a lot thank you for helping me your website had all the stuff that I needed for my research paper for my Science Fair Project. ~THANKYOU~
Noah Matteson
6/1/2004 7:14:00 PM

Hey thanks a lot for those tips. I had a plant about four feet tall, and I got about twenty tomatoes off of it.
Amanda K
9/5/2004 5:06:00 AM
questions on hydrophonics

I have some questions i have on hydrophonics and hope you might answer them.
-Let's say I have two sets of hydrophonics. They both have different types of fish in the containers.Will the different fish waste affect the plant growth?
-What type of nutrients are involved in Hydrophonics when fish is involved?
w. patterson
3/15/2005 6:09:00 AM
Re: Growing Hydroponic Tomatoes.

I worked in a small commercial green house last year, it sparked my interest! I'm adventuring into hydroponicly grown cherry tomatoes for hobby. Currently I'm constructing a small drip system for three plants out of PVC pipe. I would like to know if the drip system is a good method for tomatoes? Also what's a recommended light system for running off a 120 volt house current? Any info is appreciated, to help start my project.
green thumb
3/30/2005 3:53:42 PM
Re: Growing Hydroponic Tomatoes.

Drip systems are great for tomatoes. As for the light ,I would use a 400w swithable ,a 400w electronic or a 400w MH with a eye hortilux full spectrum bulb.
4/20/2005 11:07:34 AM
Re: Growing Hydroponic Tomatoes.

Great to know that the Hydro world is growing with such success.I currently have a 12 gallon deep water culture system running with 3 cherry tomatos each one in a 6inch net cup. Three weeks into growing and have giant stalks.
I use a 400 watt HPS light.
10/6/2005 1:55:25 AM
Re: Growing Hydroponic Tomatoes.

hey ppls.
i have just been given a cool hydroponics set up for my 18th birthday, its stands about a metter high or so and is a hexigon shape
i have no idea how to use it, but want to grow tommatos. can anyone tell me how to use it? all i know is i have rock things that go in it and all nutrients and ph testers. its all ment to be ther but it has no instructions. how long will it take ect, thanks ppls
chloe :)ps please email me at with answers
2/24/2006 1:03:20 AM
Re: Growing Hydroponic Tomatoes.

hey i just want to ask what spicific nutrient are need in growing hydroponics
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