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Formula X qt

Price: $15.99
Item #: CPFX-32
Shipping Weight: 6 lbs
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Item Description:


Formula X is a grow & bloom all-purpose fertilizer. A popular and proven fertilizerwhich provides growing and blooming elements. Organic metabolites supply energysugars. Formulated to provide plant ready nitrogen for soil and soil lessgrowing media, contains no urea. Formula X has consistently demonstrated apositive effect on all flower and vegetable test plants. Stem strength wasconstantly apparent throughout the growing trials; leaves become larger andachieved a darker green color. Flowers, houseplants and herbs responded to FormulaX with accelerated growth, producing herbs with pronounced smell and flavor.Herbs and vegetable growth is accelerated with sweeter aroma and excellenttaste. Houseplant leaves are greener and larger, excellent for hydroponics orsoil. Essential oils in herb and aromatherapy plants dramaticallyincreased. Its simplicity to use is one of its best advantages. No mixingof (a & b), no grow, no bloom. Use from start to finish.

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