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Why should I use CO2 Enrichment?
What are CO2 Generators?
Why should I use CO2 Enrichment? Back to Top
Carbon Dioxide Enrichment will dramatically increase the growth of green plants. Green plants use carbon dioxide (CO2) and water in the presence of light to synthesize organic compounds. The plant then converts these organic compounds into elements that it can use (food). This process is called photosynthesis. If any of these ingredients (CO2, water or light) is at levels below what the plant can use for maximum efficiency, it will only be able to perform at that level and no greater.

Adding carbon dioxide to a growing environment that is not receiving proper nutrients or is low on light will not produce the desired results. Similarly, plants that are receiving plenty of sunshine and nutrients will only perform as well as the ambient level of CO2 will allow. The ambient level of CO2 in the earth's atmosphere is generally between 300 and 600ppm.

Most plants receive far more water and energy in the form of sunshine than they can use. Increasing the CO2 in the growing area will let the plant use the excess water and energy that is stored in the leaves. The result is a substantial increase in the growth rate of any plant that uses chlorophyll in the process of photosynthesis. Enrichment should commence at sunrise or when photoperiod begins and refrain during darkness hours. The average CO2 level that is recommended is 1000 to 2000 parts per million (PPM).

The object is to maintain a constant level in the atmosphere. You can run a small unit continuously during photoperiods or you can use a larger unit and time it to function periodically. Where exhaust requirements are frequent, the latter method is preferable. After the exhaust function, the CO2 system (either a generator or emitter system), can be cycled to replenish CO2 quickly to maintain rapid plant photosynthesis.

What are CO2 Generators? Back to Top
Carbon dioxide generators operate by burning carbonaceous fuels such as propane or natural gas. The burners used in CO2 generators are specially designed to maximize the production of CO2 and minimize heat as a by-product. CO2 generators provide CO2 far more economically than any other means of enrichment.

A constant burning pilot is used to ignite the gas when the generator is turned on. A thermocouple is used to monitor the pilot flame. If the pilot flame is lost, a safety valve will close so that unburned fuel will not be released into the enclosure.

CO2 generator operations may be automatically functioned according to actual ambient values when installed in conjunction with a carbon dioxide control device. This control device continually samples the level of carbon dioxide in the growing area and functions the generator whenever CO2 levels do not meet your predetermined values. Generators are easily installed, dependable and efficient. For the greatest fuel/CO2 economy and accuracy of recharge it is recommended that the Green Air Products CO2 Monitor Controller (CDMC-2) be used with all generator and emitter systems.
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