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What is N-P-K?
Why are my plants dying?
What is N-P-K? Back to Top
N = Nitrogen 7-9-5
Nitrogen is the first major element responsible for the vegetative growth of plants above ground. With a good supply, plants grow sturdily and mature rapidly, with rich, dark green foliage.

P = Phosphorus 7-9-5
The second major element in plant nutrition, phosphorus is essential for healthy growth, strong roots, fruit and flower development, and greater resistance to disease.

K = Potassium (Potash) 7-9-5
The third major plant nutrient, potassium oxide is essential for the development of strong plants. It helps plants to resist diseases, protects them from the cold and protects during dry weather by preventing excessive water loss.

Why are my plants dying? Back to Top
1. Improper mixing of nutrients or nutrient deficiencies (read directions)

2. Bugs and pests (use environmentally safe controls)

3. Letting plants dry out (water manually if necessary)

4. Improper or not enough light (use 500 to 2000 foot candles)

5. Wrong temperature (keep between 65F and 95F)

6. Improper humidity (mist or spray, except cactus)

7. Improper pH (keep between 5 and 7 for most plants)

8. Toxic elements in water, system, or growing medium (don't use galvanized metal, copper or brass)

9. Bacterial or fungal infection (keep clean and sterile)

10. Waterlogged roots (no standing water in grow-beds)

11. Toxic salt buildup (flush with water every 2 - 3 weeks)

12. Pets urinating, etc. (keep pets out of growing area)

13. Spilling concentrated nutrients or pH adjusters

14. Windblown herbicides from neighbors (wash off)

15. Improper aeration (provide better drainage, aerate)

16. Experimenting (don't deviate too far from instructions)

17. Location changes (light, temp., pH, etc. can stress plants)

18. Freezing or wind damage (prevent and protect plants)

There are any number of other reasons for plants dying or not doing well. Sometimes you have to turn into a detective. Don't be afraid to ask questions!
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